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The Struggle for Net-Zero

Achieving net-zero emissions is a daunting challenge for many large companies. Despite setting ambitious climate goals, businesses often find themselves hindered by high costs, slow technological advancements, and political pressures. This blog post explores these challenges and introduces Sustain360°™, a ground breaking platform designed to empower enterprises in their fight against carbon emissions.

The Current Landscape

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the world’s largest companies have committed to slashing their emissions to address climate change, but many are struggling to meet their short-term climate goals while still maintaining their long-term targets. This is due to a number of factors, including higher costs, slow advances in technology, and political pressure.

What does this mean for the planet?

Some companies are backing off of their short-term climate goals, while others are continuing to invest in green technologies and renewable energy. Carbon credits, once considered a viable offsetting option, have shown limited benefits. Governments, too, are falling short of their climate commitments. This is leading to more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and other climate-related problems.

The Technology Gap

One of the main reasons companies fail to meet their climate goals is the lack of adequate technology. While investments have been made in software like ERP, PLM, CAD, and SCM, these applications are not designed for carbon reduction. Companies often resort to using Excel spreadsheets for manually inputting data to determine their ESG carbon footprint—a process that is time-consuming, error-prone, and ineffective.

How Sustain360°™ is changing the game

Sustain360°™ is a first-of-its-kind platform that offers a new paradigm for value creation. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, knowledge graphs, big data, and cloud computing, our platform automates the identification, classification, and reduction of embodied carbon within products and supply networks.

At the core of Sustain360°™ is embedded AI, Graph Knowledge Base and Sustainability Lake. It harnesses vast quantities of data from various systems and external sources, transforming carbon management from a reactive process into a proactive, integrated, and sustainable endeavor.

Key Benefits

· AI-Driven Insights: Go beyond mere carbon footprint reporting to receive actionable recommendations for improving sustainability performance.

· Material Identification: Fingerprint materials and generate alternatives to lower your carbon and environmental footprint.

· Net-Zero Optimization: Our platform helps you strategize for achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

· Automated Reporting: Generate sustainability reports effortlessly.


Don’t let technological limitations hinder your path to sustainability. Choose Sustain360°™ and make the transition to a greener, more responsible future.

To learn more, sign up for a demo to see how Sustain360°™ can revolutionize your sustainability efforts.

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