Bahari automates the analysis of extremely large volumes of complex information, helping users to identify critical insights in seconds.

Bahari helps you discover valuable insights buried across complex, large-scale data. This in turn helps you to work smarter and faster and make better, more informed decisions.

Read & extract

 Knowledge Platform processes organisational and open-data as it’s ingested, transcribing videos and audio & translating foreign language documents in near real-time.

What does our AI software offer?

Understand & learn

Bahari's state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) extracts all of the entities - people, places, things - from the data to transform its value.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Platform builds a unique, ever-growing Knowledge Graph of the extracted entities, identifying the deepest and most complex connections in all of the information.

Enrich & exploit

Bahari’s graph and machine learning algorithms enable powerful relationship analysis, uncovering patterns between people, places and things that may otherwise seem disconnected or unrelated.

Find out what the Bahari Knowledge Platform can do for you.

Our Product

The Bahari Knowledge Platform deploys cutting-edge AI to solve your most complex data challenges. Highly scalable and extendible by design, this software platform combines natural language processing, machine learning and network science technology to understand and analyse unstructured data in context. Think emails, documents, PDFs, reports, presentations, global news feeds, videos etc. No coding required.

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