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Navigating the Climate Challenge

How Sustain360°™ Addresses the Concerns Raised at NY Climate Week.

The recent New York Climate Week brought to light the pressing economic implications of climate change, with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasizing the urgent need for credible and consistent action.

As businesses and governments grapple with the complexities of transitioning towards a net-zero future, Sustain360°™ provides an AI driven software platform that allows companies to model their net-zero decarbonization strategies. Here’s how our platform is perfectly poised to address the concerns and needs expressed during the event.

The Economic Imperative

Yellen’s warning about the potential economic drag from climate events like heatwaves and wildfires underscores the immediate need for businesses to incorporate sustainability into their core strategies.

Sustain360°™ Platform: Offers a holistic approach to sustainability, automating the identification, classification, and reduction of embodied carbon within products and supply networks. By providing actionable insights, we enable businesses to turn challenges into investment opportunities, aligning with Yellen’s vision of the $3 trillion annual investment potential.

The Call for Credibility

The emphasis on “consistency and credibility” in financial institutions’ climate commitments resonated throughout the event. The risk of stranded assets and outdated business models looms large for those that don’t adapt.

Sustain360°™ Platform: Ensures that businesses don’t just make commitments but follow through with them. By offering transparent and evidence based metrics, and integrating seamlessly with existing systems, we ensure that businesses can transition smoothly to a circular economy, fostering long-term environmental responsibility.

The Technology Gap

Leaders from several countries expressed skepticism about relying heavily on unproven technologies like carbon capture and storage. The focus, they suggested, should be on proven methods like restoring carbon sinks and ramping up renewable energy.

Sustain360°™ Platform: Leverages cutting-edge technologies like AI, blockchain, knowledge graphs, and big data to provide evidence-based recommendations. We empower businesses to make informed decisions, from identifying sustainable materials to optimizing for net-zero carbon emissions.

The challenges highlighted during the New York Climate Week are real, but Sustain360°™ can help businesses have the tools they need to navigate the complexities of sustainability. As the world seeks solutions to the pressing climate crisis, Sustain360°™ stands ready to lead the charge, turning challenges into opportunities and providing best sustainable business practices.

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